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Our Blog Writing Company

My Blog Writer is the premiere blog writing service that transforms your blog into a traffic generating, revenue building powerhouse.

More than simply blog writers for hire, the blogging teams at MyBlogWriter.com work together to keep your content fresh with current topics that relate directly to your industry. With our blog writing team, you can finally...

Run Your Business, Not Your Blog!

We guarantee that our blog writers are:

  • based in the U.S. or Canada.
  • speak English as their first language.
  • professional writers with years of experience both online and offline.
  • able to fulfill your exact blogging needs.

The History of MyBlogWriter.com

MyBlogWriter.com is the brain-child of Shanda Harper, a professional freelance writer turned Internet entrepreneur. Based out of Chesapeake, Virginia, MyBlogWriter.com was created to fill the needs of Harper's GetContent.com clients, a website geared toward on-demand content requests. The GetContent.com system was unable to successfully support the interactions required between clients and customers. After a year of planning, building, and tweaking by a group of writers, clients interested in a blog writing system, and a top-notch Web development team, the MyBlogWriter.com system was constructed.

In May 2009 the service was made available to the site's first client, Linden, who ordered the Social Spotlight package. By the end of June Linden reported that his sales had increased by 11% and that increases in traffic were even better. He soon requested the largest package and we've been consistently providing his blog daily posts ever since.

The reports of the effects our blog posts have on a company's online success can easily be seen in increased visibility, traffic, leads, and sales. We invite you to enjoy the writing services offered by the professional blog writers of MyBlogWriter.com.

To reach Shanda Harper directly, send an email to shanda@myblogwriter.com.